Weingut Peter Stolleis
Kurpfalzstraße 99
67435 Gimmeldingen-Mußbach
Tel. 0049 6321 / 660 71 
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Zum Vinoshop

Many steps - one target

Highest quality for your palate



Working at the winery

Our winery has been a family business for over 150 years. The "Pfälzer Weinstraße" has been our home for generations and here we have been cultivating 20 hectares of vineyards in the districts of Gimmeldingen, Mußbach, Haardt, Königsbach and Ruppertsberg.

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The last quality control before pressing grapes

Stolleis-Quality is handiwork

Throughout the year we work by hand to achieve the best quality. Cutting the grapevines short in winter marks the beginning of our year. In summer, we halve the grapes and pluck off the leaves in order for the sunrays to reach the grape zone of the vines. During the harvest in autumn, we hand-pick only the healthy, fully ripe grapes. This is how we have always made our Stolleis-wines.

Teamwork – Everyone has their task

Wine production is teamwork which we live wholeheartedly. This is true for Peter Stolleis, his wife Claudia and children Lisa and Hans-Christoph – but even more so for our strong team which is the key to our success. All employees contribute with their nature and skills to the quality product that is in our bottles and barrels and labelled with our family name.

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The efforts have paid off...

Handiwork – less is more

We place special emphasis on environmentally friendly and quality-conscious work. During the growing season, we drastically reduce the vine stock. We know that we thereby also reduce the profit of the vineyards. However, the grapes return the favour with their excellent quality which we can later enjoy in the wine. Here, less is more!