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Stolleis family

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Tradition and origin

The Stolleis family emigrated from Nürnberg to Switzerland in 1520 and then settled down in the Electoral Palatinate in the second half of the 17th century.
familienbild The Stolleis family

There, the sovereigns had recruited settlers after the Thirty Years' War and brought them into the country. At the beginning, they were quarry owners but soon discovered their love for wine and wine-growing. As early as 1668, the Stolleis family acquired their first vineyards. In 1863, Peter Stolleis founded the vinery which is now run in the fourth generation. With Hans-Christoph the fifth generation is already waiting to continue the family tradition. 


With us are familiar people who enrich our vinery with their work. On behalf of the entire team we would like to introduce these four:

Markus Weidmann has given his heart to the vines. He circles the vine stocks two dozen times in the course of a year and therefore has a special relationship with each stock. His work begins in December with the pruning. This work, no matter what the weather is like, lasts until the end of February. If vegetation begins in April/May he sometimes has to be in several places at once. His life quiets down a bit only after the grape harvest in October.

Florian Thiel’s passion is the wine cellar. He decides when which vineyard has to be harvested for healthy grapes are the first step towards a pure and wholesome wine. In the wine house and cellar, he monitors the fermentation of musts and the development of young wines up to their bottling. His favorites are the Rieslings.

Monika Nosbüsch is your first contact in the office. She has strengthened our team since 2015 and has been a real asset! She has many years of experience working with wine so she takes care of basically everything for us. She is also the one to take your orders and to make sure your wine is at your home in time for your celebration.

Doris Loos is our accountant. You have any questions concerning your bill? She is your first contact.