Weingut Peter Stolleis
Kurpfalzstraße 99
67435 Gimmeldingen-Mußbach
Tel. 0049 6321 / 660 71 
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Wine tasting



Wine tasting

Welcome to our cellar door! In this pleasant and cosy atmosphere we hold the entire variety of our wines for you.
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  Fresh on the table: Best grapes at a wine tasting.
Taste high-quality wines from superb vineyards and discover our estate wines whose quality will persuade you. Take your time to shop, taste and enjoy!


In our “vinothek” we offer wine tastings for up to 20 people after prior registration. We ask larger groups to please taste the wine in our „Kurfürstenhalle“ or, depending on the weather, in our garden. We are happy to arrange for a delicious snack or exclusive catering to go along with your wine tasting – let's just talk to each other!

We gladly recommend typical bars and restaurants such as the Eselsburg, which is within walking distance, where you can enjoy the rest of your evening. If you appreciate the Palatine hospitality you will love the atmosphere of the Eselsburg.