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Philosophy and values



Philosophy and values

Viticulture is a life-affirming, joy-giving cultural heritage which we have fostered in our family since 1863.
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Quality and harmony with nature are traditionally of paramount importance to us

We know that healthy soils are the foundation of our good wines. They are our most valuable asset. Therefore we pay attention to a balanced humus supply of our vineyards and carry out regular soil surveys. We use biological means to combat pests and make sure to apply pesticides only minimally.

The vineyards are a part of our family. We have always been careful to take only what the vines and the soil give us – what nature gives us. We know that we thereby make less yields – our wines give us their high quality of enjoyment in return.

We want the future generations to live off viticulture. That's why we pay attention to the environmentally-friendly cultivation of grapes and a varietal identity of our wines.

It is particularly important to us to be able to discover and enjoy the nature of the different soils. You can taste the origin!

We also put emphasis on the tradition of handiwork in our vineyard. It is hard to believe how often we take each grape into our hands throughout the year before harvesting it in autumn. We firmly believe that this is the way to achieve the quality of our wines for which wine lovers appreciate us.

We want you to enjoy our wines. Cheers!